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Superfine Barium Sulphate

product description:

Adopting domestic advanced synthetic technology, the quality content standard is higher than the national standard, and the production process is advanced, so that the particle size of the product examples is strictly controlled within a certain range, and it has good dispersibility and affinity with other media in the application process High content, high whiteness, low iron content, ultra-fine processing, no mechanical impurities are of the same quality in domestic products, superior performance products, can absorb x-rays, can effectively improve product surface gloss and surface hardness.

Quality requirements

项 目


指 标


 硫酸钡(BaSO4含量 )% ≥

 Barium sulphate content


 105℃挥发物%   ≤

 Volatile matters at 105℃





 水溶物含量 %  ≤

 Water soluble


 水分  ≤



 铁含量(Fe )%  ≤




 Specific gravity


 吸油量%(g/100)                   ≤

 Oil   absorption


 白度%                              ≥




 Fineness: 325 mesh, 400 mesh,800 mesh, 1250   mesh

(It can be produced   according to customer’s requirements 

Application areas: Widely used in paint, ink, coating, plastic, rubber, chip, friction plate, ceramic, glass, electronics, radiation protection material, cosmetics and other fields.

Packaging: 25kg paper-plastic composite bag and 500kg and 1000kg ton bags.

Transportation: light loading and unloading during loading and unloading to prevent packaging pollution and damage. The product should be protected from rain and sunlight during transportation.

Storage: Store in batches in a ventilated and dry place. The stacking height of the product should not exceed 20 layers. It is strictly forbidden to contact with the products that reflect the product, and pay attention to prevent moisture.

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