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Washed kaolin

Washed kaolin

product description

      Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral. It is a clay and clay rock dominated by kaolinite and clay minerals. It has good physical and chemical properties such as plasticity and fire resistance. It is widely used, mainly for papermaking, ceramics and refractory materials, followed by coatings, rubber fillers, enamel glazes and white cement raw materials, a small amount is used in plastics, paints, pigments, abrasive wheels, pencils, daily cosmetics, soap, Pesticide, medicine, textile, petroleum, chemical, building materials, national defense and other industrial sectors.

Fineness is divided into 325 mesh, 600 mesh., 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, customized according to customer requirements.

Technical Parameters


Uses: Widely used in coatings, papermaking, rubber fillers, plastics and other fields.

Packaging: 25kg paper-plastic composite bag and 500kg and 1000kg ton bags.

Transportation: light loading and unloading during loading and unloading to prevent packaging pollution and damage. The product should be protected from rain and sunlight during transportation.

Storage: Store in batches in a ventilated and dry place. The stacking height of the product should not exceed 20 layers. It is strictly forbidden to contact with the products that reflect the product, and pay attention to prevent moisture.

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