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Characteristics and uses of high-gloss Barium Sulphate products

Colorless orthorhombic crystal or white amorphous powder. The relative density is 4.50 (15 ° C). Melting point is 1580 ° C. Almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acids. Dissolved in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, easy to agglomerate when dried. Carbon can be reduced to barium sulfide at 600 ° C.

Product use

Reinforcing filler for rubber can be used in acid-resistant rubber products and general products. It can also be used as surface coating agent, sizing agent, intensifying agent, and also used in pigments, ceramics, batteries, enamels, paints, coatings and so on.

Product Features:

1. Brighter colors: The outstanding dispersibility of extinction barium exerts a large hiding power. Together, it acts as a carrier for pigments to efficiently disperse the pigments and obtain uniform color. The high purity whiteness makes the hue brighter and purer. The structural characteristics and high refractive index make the color more rich and full.

2. A more stable system: The outstanding chemical laziness of extinction barium keeps the fundamental environment of various systems stable; the ultra-fine particles have strong external appearance, good compatibility, can be organically cross-composited with other materials, and enhance the binding force; evenly dispersed The fine powder monomer is stably suspended in the system without flocculation or sedimentation.

3. Stronger paint film: The high density of matte barium brings outstanding wear resistance; the strong surface of ultra-fine particles can make the paint film and substrate bond more firmly; uniform ultra-fine particles make the paint film more flat Lubricated, more durable.

4, more excellent weather resistance: matte barium excellent chemical laziness, waterproof and acid resistance, can resist acid rain, high temperature and corrosion resistance; together with a special ray absorption function, greatly improve the weatherability of coatings.

5. Better economic function: Extinction barium has not only high purity, but also excellent hiding power and pigment dispersing ability. Therefore, along with improving quality, it can also reduce the amount of titanium dioxide and reduce costs. In addition, the extremely low oil absorption of matte barium improves the critical pigment volume concentration of the coating and saves more resin base material. Therefore, the use of matte barium is more economical and reasonable.

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