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What are the applications of Lithopone white latex in life?

Lithopone is white crystalline powder. It is a mixture of zinc sulfide and Barium Sulphate. The more zinc sulfide is contained, the stronger the hiding power and the higher the quality. Density 4.136 ~ 4.34 g / cm3, insoluble in water. It is easy to decompose in case of acid and generate hydrogen sulfide gas. It does not work in case of hydrogen sulfide and alkali solution. It becomes light gray after being exposed to ultraviolet rays in sunlight for 6 to 7 hours, and it still recovers its original color in the dark. It is easy to oxidize in the air, and it will agglomerate and degenerate after being wet.

If you mention that many customers who trust painting powder are not very familiar with it, and we are a professional manufacturer of paint powder, let us introduce you to this painting powder in detail, so that you have a good understanding of it. Better understand.

Lithopone for painting uses natural high-quality ore from the country as its raw material, refined through advanced production equipment, and because Lithopone itself has good covering ability, so Lithopone for painting also has good tinting power and covering. Strength, its weather resistance and alkali resistance are very stable. Because the powder for painting is white powder, it also has the advantages of no corrosion.

We all know that Lithopone plays a very important role in chemical guessing. Inks, plastics, rubber and other industries are widely used. Dispersibility and whiteness are ordinary. Lithopone is also used in white emulsion paint.

The indispensable ingredient in white latex is Lithopone, which replaces ordinary adhesives to make the white latex's adhesiveness better. Secondly, in house decoration, interior wall coatings are widely used. Aesthetically, it cannot be replaced by other products. Lithopone has uniform particle distribution and good gloss, which is very suitable as an interior wall coating film. It is evenly modified and has good adhesion. It is currently a good adhesive. It is also a good choice of adhesives in the production of electric beads. Lithopone.

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