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How to better buy Lithopone is very important?

What are the brand Lithopone sold on the market? This is what consumers pay more attention to. However, different brands of Lithopone have different standards, and the materials used are different. Take the Lithopone B301 type, for example, products of different brands will have better manufacturing process and dimensional accuracy, as well as durability and aesthetics. Big difference.

The quality of Yinma Lid powder we supply is good, and it is a well-known brand in the industry. It has various types of standards to choose from, and it is better in quality assurance. Therefore, how to choose better is very important. The quality assurance it can ultimately achieve is also There will be more prominent performances, which are all worthy of our attention.

High-quality Lithopone suppliers can ensure that the product quality can be better, so it is important to say how to buy better. This is all a link that we deserve to pay more attention to, and we need to pay attention to satisfaction. After all, in the face of many Lithopone brands, the quality assurance it can bring will eventually be better, and the reliability achieved will also be better.

The natural barite containing more than 95% of Barium Sulphate and anthracite are mixed in a ratio of 3: 1 (mass), and destroyed to a diameter of less than about 2 cm into the recovery furnace. The temperature of the furnace is controlled to be 1000 to 1200 ° C in the first stage and 500 to 1200 in the latter stage. At 600 ℃, the recovery furnace rolls at a speed of 80s per revolution, and the response conversion rate is 80% ~ 90%. The prepared barium sulfide enters the extractor, the temperature is controlled above 65 ° C, and the barium sulfide content is 701%. Clean the barrel, add zinc sulfate reaction after clearing it, manipulate the zinc sulfate content to be greater than 28%, pH = 8 ~ 9, and obtain a mixture of Barium Sulphate and zinc sulfide with a density of 1.296 ~ 1.357 g / cm3.

The reaction liquid was filtered through a plate and frame to obtain a filter cake-like powder with a moisture content of not more than 45%, which was baked in a dry roasting furnace to change the crystal form of the powder, and then washed with sulfuric acid at 80 ° C. The end is washed with water, reinforced toner, filter press, dry and ground. The calcined product prepared by the ordinary zinc barium white production method is made into a slurry through beating, and then surface treated with sodium silicate, aluminum sulfate or sodium aluminate and a surfactant in turn, and then filtered, washed, dried, and destroyed. can.


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