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How about the stability of common Lithopone?

Lithopone is a relatively common compound, and its effect in the field of industrial production cannot be ignored. However, I have to say that many people lack fundamental knowledge and understanding of this kind of information.

In order to let everyone have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of it. Then, let's briefly talk about the stability of Lithopone.

How is the stability of Lithopone? First, the chemical stability of Lithopone is relatively good. In the face of changing surrounding conditions, its various index data can be maintained in a more conventional state, which is conducive to the use of this information. .

However, if it is exposed to relatively strong ultraviolet rays, its stability will still be affected. For example, under the long-term irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the color of its surface will gradually become gray, which will affect its use function and effect.

Of course, after knowing that Lithopone will be affected by ultraviolet rays, people should try to prevent this problem from appearing, and make it as free as possible from ultraviolet rays. Gao Baili De powder is a new non-toxic, pollution-free green environmental protection product. It is produced using unique nanotechnology, has a small particle size, is easy to disperse, and can prevent common deposits with other pigments. Compared with traditional Lithopone, this product contains amphoteric oxide, silicon, aluminum coating agent, acid resistance, weather resistance, light resistance, high whiteness, high temperature resistance, strong tinting power and decoloring power. Not easy to turn yellow.


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